De Scripto is a critical, analytical media magazine that also serves as a learning project - it is a cooperation project between SEEMO (publisher) and University Vienna (editorial team) in cooperation with a local university in the SEEMO region.

De Scripto aims to enhance the discourse on media development in South Eastern European countries. SEEMO publishes deScripto in conjunction with editor-in-chief Thomas A. Bauer, Professor at the University of Vienna.

Project Delineation / Abstract

Our main idea / concept is to support the processes of democratisation and social development of South-Eastern European countries, and to accompany them critically. Media play a crucial role in this process. In this context, to provide for the qualitative development of media communication is a special challenge for all media-related enterprises, institutions and organisations. As a result, a separate platform becomes necessary in South-Eastern Europe a platform that takes efforts for the media-critical discourse. The main aim there is to mobilise the discourse between decision-makers of media, politics, economy, science and education and to support them in their responsibility and efforts for the inter-social and internal culture of communication.

De Scripto sees itself as the mouthpiece of this discourse. It aims to actively integrate a great diversity of media-relevant ventures from economy, politics, society into the discussion. In order to achieve this, deScripto is going to give an up-to-date account about relevant developments/changes in the South-Eastern European media landscape (screening), to deal with fundamental media-political/media-cultural positions (documentation/reflection), and to evaluate them critically and independently (monitoring; through the young perspective of journalism students).

De Scripto is released quarterly in English. The first number of deScripto was published in fall 2004.


De Scripto pursues the following aims:

- to mobilise the critical discourse about media-social communication in the new democratic South-Eastern and Central European countries (confrontation with current media problems, etc.)
- to develop the media discourse (media dialogue, process of exchange) between business ventures, political organisations and media ventures in Eastern and Southern Europe
- to provide a platform of orientation for a critical evaluation of the media landscape for the media ventures, media-political facilities, socially relevant institutions, that represent themselves medially in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and that rely on their economic and cultural functioning.
- to mobilise the media cooperation across South-Eastern and Central European countries

At the same time, this project works as an training program with clear educational targets. By participating at the program, Austrian students of journalism receive the chance:

- to research independently, to discuss, and to publish features about the current media discourse in Eastern and South-Eastern and Central Europe (learning by doing)
- to develop political-cultural awareness for the developing society in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe
- to complete a journalistic internship and to use the according certificate as a device for their career.

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About the structure of deScripto Project on the Website of Thomas A. Bauer:

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